A Unique Gift for Someone of Value in Your Past or Present – A LinkedIn Recommendation

A Unique Gift for Someone of Value in Your Past or Present

Consider giving a gift for someone in your life that has made a difference in your life. Someone you currently know, have done business with, or just worked with. Someone maybe from 20 years ago that you admired, that stood out as exceptional in some way in your presence. Give them a gift that 50 million people can see. The gift of a recommendation in LinkedIn.com –a professional networking site that costs nothing to join. A web site that lets you appreciate people in a way that may help them get a raise, promotions, a new job one day or close a deal for them by a client seeing it. To give a recommendation in LinkedIn they need to be connected to you. I recommend these steps to follow:

  • Making an ongoing list of anyone from your past that you remember being outstanding or exceptional in your presence.
  • If it was important and your job was to say something honest about them in a group of people, what would you say?¬† (If you are shy assume that shyness just went away like magic.) Then write your comment down.
  • Look them up in LinkedIn and see if you can find them. If you can, see if you can get introduced to them, sharing the recommendation¬† you would give them in the introduction. Tell the person or people who are passing on the recommendation that you found this person and that you want to connect to them so you can give them this recommendation.
  • If you cannot find them on LinkedIn, check Google.com with their name in quotes or check any directories you are aware of. Make the same offer in an email if possible. If you cannot find them at all, save the write up in a document with others and check back in the future. After connecting to them, give them the recommendation. You may let them know that if they see anything they would like changed to let you know. You may have gotten some data wrong.
  • Do this activity engagingly, be authentic and honest about the way you know them. The more specific the better.
    I guarantee this will enhance your life and your business! If you link to me on LinkedIn make sure to reference this letter or how you know me in a personal note. Never use the blank form comment in LinkedIn. If they are not worth the time to write a personal sentence or two, you should not have them in your LinkedIn group.

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