Do This After You Connect on LinkedIn – Social Selling Tip of the Day #024

Do This After You Connect on LinkedIn - Social Selling Tip of the Day #023 - Greg Hyer of Linking into Sales

Audio Transcript:

Here’s your social selling tip of the day for April 24, 2017. I’m Greg Hyer of Linking into Sales.

What do you do after you connect with someone on LinkedIn? There are two common practices and both are no-no’s. The first is do nothing. You don’t send them a single message and you may never. How are you supposed to grow a network and give it some value like that?

The second is you send a message with a pitch. Likely, is a scripted message that some inexperienced sales trainer or manager told you to send. But it’s impersonal and makes you  look like a greedy sales person. Congratulations, you’re still using traditional sales methods and not social selling.

Here are three things you should do after you make a new connection on LinkedIn.

  1. Add their contact information to your CRM. Before you even send a message or reply, see if this new connection is already in your CRM. If they do exist, do your research! You need context for what’s next. If they don’t, add their information to your CRM by completing as many of the fields as possible.
  2. Start to build your contextual message. There’s nothing batch and blast about this. You need context before you start a conversation. Try to start the conversation with a positive tone. Let them know that you’ve read about how they were successful with a previous purchase and ask how things are going. If there’s nothing about them in your CRM, look for common interests in this connection’s LinkedIn profile. Start your message from there.
  3. Send the message. Do this within an hour of connecting. Remember, you are sending a contextual message, not a sales pitch. You need to start by building a relationship without your connection being on the defensive.

If you’re in sales, mastering relationship building is a fundamental skill you must develop. If you’re approach is using social selling methods, you know that the key to successful sale using social networks is your reputation for building a relationship. If you pitch on the first message, you will fail. So don’t do it.

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