How a Google City Expert Does Social Selling – Ep. 052

Greg Hyer discusses with Martin Brossman how he uses his Google City Expert status for social selling. Martin explains how leaving reviews using Google Maps can not only generate Google+ profile views but get the owner of the business talking to you. Leaving a review on Maps is very simple and can be done from your computer or mobile device. Sales people having lunch at a local establishment should take a picture of the location or the prepared food and share it with the review. This alone will build your visibility on Google+ and in Maps as people read the review there.

Make sure your Google+ profile is complete and the appropriate sections are available for public viewing. Include links to your other social profiles like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Also, include links to your blog or company website.

Greg and Martin suggest that retail business owners leave authentic reviews for businesses that are in close proximity to other retail and restaurant businesses. If the reviews are authentic and show a positive experience, this could not only generate traffic for them, but it could generate foot traffic for you too.

Run-time: 16:08

The Linking into Sales Social Selling Podcast is a professional development podcast geared towards sales and marketing professionals that use social media tools and networks to support the sales process and help them become more proficient in social selling.

How do I remove someone from LinkedIn?

Remove a LinkedIn ConnectionOften, once sales professionals see the true value of LinkedIn one of the questions they ask is: “How do I remove a connection from my network on LinkedIn?” They may have connected with someone they should not have or someone that they no longer have a professional relationship with. There are also those out there that connect to anyone and fail to really paying attention to LinkedIn’s true value, solving professional task.  Now that the professional realizes this is as important as the quality of their personal appearance for making a great first impression. Professionals realize they have let people into their inner circle as first level connections that they should not have let in. For example, aggressive competitors, past customers, terminated employees, media, etc. In this post you will learn how to remove someone from your LinkedIn network.

How do I delete someone from my LinkedIn network? It is simple and they will not be notified.

1)      Sign-in to LinkedIn. If you are already sign-in click “Home” or the LinkedIn in the upper left hand corner to get your bearings.

2)     Next click the Contacts link from the top navigation bar. Options will drop down and select Connections from that menu.

3)     In the upper right hand corner you will see “Remove Connections” and click that.

4)     Click the box next to the person or people you want to remove then select the button on the right that says “Remove Connections”.

5)     LinkedIn will ask you “Are you sure you want to remove these connections? This action cannot be undone.” Select “Yes Remove them” and it is done.

Your LinkedIn connections are important and from here keep building your powerful network.

Martin Brossman and Greg Hyer  bring you results-driven LinkedIn training for Professionals

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Video – Linking Into Sales to Drive Resources – Using the World’s Largest Business Network

Martin Brossman presented “Linking Into Sales to Drive Resources – Using the World’s Largest Business Network“ a LIVE webisode broadcast, part of Your Local Studio’s Spring 2012 Learning Series on 4/18/12.

A few of the topics covered will be:

  • A powerful LinkedIn profile
  • Understanding the power of being pre-screened
  • Using LinkedIn for resources and answers
  • Understanding the new ways to do competitive analysis with LinkedIn
  • How to integrate LinkedIn with other social media and your website

5 Ways Sales Professionals Leave Money on the Table by Not Using Linkedin

For years I have been coaching sales professionals, discovering that they used to pay for similar information with less quality than the data that Linkedin is providing now at the free level. More importantly, all sales professionals that I have personally coached have gained clear value and closed more sales when they began using Linkedin correctly. However, I realize that there are many sales executives who are obviously not using Linkedin effectively, i.e., potentially leaving money on the table.

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