Content is not King - Social Selling Daily Tip #007

Audio Transcript:

Here’s your social selling tip of the day for February 9, 2020. I’m Greg Hyer of Linking into Sales.

When it comes to social selling, content is important. But content is not king. Content is a pawn.

Back in 1996, Bill Gates first coined the phrase “Content is King.” If you read his original post you will understand that he is referring to the content producers of various types of multimedia content. He was reflecting on what was possible with the previously announced Microsoft and NBC partnership that formed MSNBC.

In sales, content is used to educate and motivate. It should not used to command a buyer. Sales content is usually produced by the marketing team for sales enablement. It is typically designed to address a specific point in the buyer’s journey to help remove roadblocks and keep the deal moving forward.

There are a number of sales enablement solutions that help recommend content that can be used at a specific point in the buyer’s journey. These solutions also track content engagement to help sales and marketing understand if their content is effective.

In order to determine what content should be used, without the use of a sales enablement solution, take an inventory of what content you have and categories it based on where you think it will be used in the funnel or the buyer’s journey. From there, share content based on the stage of the engagement. When sharing content, use a trackable link so you know if it was clicked and opened. As you sign on new customers, look back at what content was used. You will be able to see what content is working and how it works. In turn, this will help you understand what type of content you’ll need to produce next.

If you’re looking for a sales enablement solution for your business consider looking at KnowledgeTree, Highspot, Clearslide, Seismic and Savo.

You know who is king? The Customer.

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This is Greg Hyer. Let’s Start Linking into Sales!

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