Post-Click Marketing with Jonathan Lacoste of Jebbit - Ep. 083

Post-Click Marketing Data Provides Better Context for Social Selling

Jonathan Lacoste of Jebbit talks with Martin, Greg and Elyse about how his post-click marketing solution is used to support the buyer’s journey and gathers important data to be used in social selling. The data collected by Jebbit can be helpful with shaping the context of the conversation social sellers will have with prospects.

Jonathon also lets us in one how his sales team uses social selling. He recommends that his sales team finds the social network they are most comfortable with and run with it. He doesn’t force them into a social network. But they will use the post-click marketing data from their own application to improve sales engagements.

While at Boston College, Jonathan Lacoste launched Jebbit with classmates Tom Coburn and Chase McAleese. When Lacoste and Coburn raised venture capital in the summer of 2013 for Jebbit, it made him one of the youngest internet entrepreneurs to raise venture capital at the age of 19.

Jebbit is a venture-backed marketing technology company that has created the #1 Post-Click Marketing platform used by brands such as Volkswagen, Reebok, and Dell. Without a single line of code, the Jebbit technology transforms webpages and content into interactive experiences that drive deeper education, engagement, and conversions. Marketers utilize Jebbit to amplify the short and long-term results of digital campaigns and to create a better customer decision journey.

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Audio Run-time: 32:18

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