How Sales Pros Sell Themselves with Tricia Lucas EP. 120

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Convincing Someone to Hire You is Sales

How should a sales professional sell themselves to a sales recruiter and get submitted for that six-figure sales opportunity? In this episode of the Social Selling Podcast, Martin Brossman talks with Tricia Lucas of Lucas Select, a sales, marketing, and tech recruiting agency based in Raleigh, NC.

Tricia Lucas offers some great insights for sales professionals considering a transition.

1.  Understanding Market Value
A strong sales candidate knows how to converge passion, strengths, and market value when selling a product or service as well as their own career. They can’t be successful at sales if they don’t. I look for this convergence when I explore the social profile of sales candidates.

2. Demonstration of Thought Leadership

I also continue to emphasize the value of Thought Leadership. Sales experts maximize their strengths by staying relevant to mentors, thought leaders, and others that are successful in their field. They connect with them through community networks and industry conferences and they take advantage of the access to professional development opportunities, continuing education, relevant networking opportunities. They are high achievers and never stop their professional and network development and seeking “best practices” just because they are employed. This is easily identifiable in online activity. Who do they follow? Who are they connected to? Who do they communicate with?

3. Additional Traits: Intellectual Curiosity, Resilience, Critical Thinkers, Emotional Intelligence, Coachability, Flexibility
My Clients are made of fast growing innovative technology companies. They are often small to mid-size or startups. These entrepreneurial organizations need top talent to solve problems and build new solutions that will give them a competitive advantage. They need insightful sales professionals to analyze large amounts of data about their customer’s business practices, buying habits, stakeholders, competitors, and marketplace trends to make sense of the bigger picture in order to map out and execute a sales strategy for each customer. I look for candidates that demonstrate intellectual curiosity and can understand, in depth, their client base and the critical needs of that base. These folks are imaginative, curious, intellectual, and creative with the ability to motivate their prospects to speak openly and freely about their true needs. They need to be critical thinkers and fast learners to stay ahead of the technology, not just keep up. They need to adapt to change quickly and have the emotional intelligence to navigate corporate hierarchies and get past office dramas to work with all co-workers and clients for the end game. These are the traits that I piece together when evaluating a candidate’s online journey.

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The Social Selling Podcast by Linking into Sales is a professional development podcast geared towards sales and marketing professionals that use social media tools and networks to support sales and buying cycles and help them become more proficient in social selling.

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