Interview with pitch.Me Founder, Brandon Ansel - EP. 121

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“Put your money where your mouth is.” That’s how Brandon Ansel came up with the idea for pitch Me. This social platform helps connect providers and deciders. In exchange for 15 minutes of time with a decision maker, a sales rep donates to their non-profit of choice. Listen and found out how you can use this platform to improve your social proximity and help a charitable cause at the same time.

About three and a half years ago, Brandon was asked to innovate for his insurance agency. One day a sales rep got a hold of him after lying to his assistant. In that conversation, Brandon asked the sales rep to make a $50 donation to a his preferred charity and he would give him an hour. The sales rep gladly said yes. The problem was how to facilitate the transaction. This is how pitch.Me was conceived.

In this episode you will discover how respectful commerce showing sales reps and decision makers how they can connect to do business while helping non-profit organizations with funding their mission. Over $600 Billion is spent on prospecting every year. That’s a lot of wasteful spending when you consider a platform like Pitch Me can help improve your social proximity by getting you direct access to a decider and help a charitable cause. It’s an approach more and more executives are taking to make a big impact in their work and for their selected non-profit.

To connect with Brandon, reach out to him on pitch.Me.

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