Sales Prospecting and Lead Generation with Neal Isaacs - Ep. 092

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Today we talk with Neal Isaacs, an account executive at Time Warner Cable Media and creator of the Prospector’s Path online course, about sales prospecting and lead generation.

But first, some odd news. We uncovered reports that a car crashed into LinkedIn’s Mountain View Offices. No one was hurt and it doesn’t appear this was someone upset about the changes to LinkedIn Groups 🙂 You can read more about this story from NBC:

Neal took a nontraditional path to sales. He started as a biologist swimming with sharks in the Great Smoky Mountains of Gatlinburg, TN the before moving to the Triangle to open a niche aquarium shop. Upon selling his retail facility he entered the world of B2B sales by way of the copier sales industry before moving into media sales five years ago. Along the way he learned how to utilize social media to break through to his prospects. He shares his discoveries through his blog at and companion eCourse The Prospector’s Path.

Here are a few of the questions will be asking Neal Isaacs:

How did your unique path lead you to utilizing social selling to connect with new prospects?

  • Which social media platforms do you use for B2B prospecting?
  • What is your process for prospecting using social tools?
  • I understand you are very specific about your referrals, can you share more about that?
  • What are some specific tools that you use every day for social prospecting?
  • What led you to start your blog ProProspectors?
  • I’ve heard you speak about your monkey theory of social media… what’s that about?

To connect with Neal please visit him on LinkedIn and follow him on Twitter. Visit his blog at and check out his prospecting course at

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Audio Run-time: 43:25

The Linking into Sales Social Selling Podcast is a professional development podcast geared towards sales and marketing professionals that use social media tools and networks to support the sales process and help them become more proficient in social selling.

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