Social Selling: Nine Things We’re Thankful For - Ep. 079

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Social Selling Give Us A Lot To Be Thankful For.

Social Selling has given us many reason to be thankful. So in this Thanksgiving special of the Linking into Sales Social Selling Podcast, Martin Brossman, Greg Hyer and Elyse Archer share a combined nine things they are thankful for.

1. Social Selling eliminates the need to “Just follow up.”

2. Using social selling anyone can distinguish themselves as a true expert.

3. Social Selling gives us the ability to connect with clients we would never reach otherwise.

1. The ability to use a tool like LinkedIn to refer people. If I refer someone to a person I just met it make it easier to trust the referral because they can pre-screen them unless they have a lame LinkedIn profile.

2. It forces us to know our customer better. Build more detailed personas of them and take the time to understand what educational information they need on the buyer’s journey vs just pounding away on the close with assumptive close techniques.

3. It works across generations and levels the playing field. The younger people have more of a challenge with the in person sales component and older with the online. Both are needed.

1. I’m thankful for LinkedIn Advanced Search and Advertising. To find exactly who I am looking for using the advanced search tools is very valuable. With Advertising, it’s simple to target people based on their endorsed skills and other filters with sponsored posts or PPC ads.

2. I’m thankful for social listening and the tools that help us listen in social media for the relevant discussions our prospects and customers are having. Tools like Sales Prodigy, Buzzsumo and Twitter Hashtags make it much easier to find relevant conversations to prospect as well as to keep yourself informed with what’s affecting your clients.

3. I’m thankful for organizations that realize that social selling is about opening, not closing. Sales needs to stop thinking about closing while the rest of the company is trying to keep accounts open.

We are very thankful for our listeners and the guests we’ve had on the show this year. Without you, this show would not be what it is. Thank you for letting us inspire and educate you.

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