Three Skills a Sales Coach Focuses On - Ep. 077

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Have you ever worked with a sales coach before? Elyse Archer, our new co-host, works with clients on a daily basis that need help getting to the next level. Her clients include sales executives and management professionals. She explains to Greg and Martin that there are three primary reason why they seek coaching.

1. Need help with certain sales skills
They keep hearing the same objection over and over again
They need help with social selling

2. Need help with motivation
May have been in sales for 30 years and just need to get back on the horse
People get into sales for increased time and increased money. Many people need help getting excited again about why they got into sales in the first place

3. Need help with systems/ Self-Management
This is typically the biggest reason people get into coaching
Time management
Work/ life balance
Doing what you know you need to be doing even if you don’t feel like doing it.

Listen to the episode as there is a lot of value to understanding how working with a sales coach can help you.

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Audio Run-time: 18:00

The Linking into Sales Social Selling Podcast is a professional development podcast geared towards sales and marketing professionals that use social media tools and networks to support the sales process and help them become more proficient in social selling.

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