Social Listening with Mik Lernout of Sales Prodigy - Ep. 069

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Greg Hyer and Martin Brossman talk with Mik Lernout of Sales Prodigy about social listening for social selling. Sales Prodigy is mobile app available for iOS and Android. The app notifies you when someone you are following on Twitter tweets an update that includes a keyword or hashtag you are following. In addition, the app will scan articles shared in tweets to see if the keywords or hashtags are mentioned.

Mik Lernout is originally from Belgium and has lived in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada for the past few years. He came to Vancouver to work for a startup in a tech role and found himself on the road with sales people. During this time he developed a deep appreciation for the people and the profession. This experience led him to create an application that helps sales people with social listening on social networks like Twitter and Instagram.

During the recording, Mik announced that Sales Prodigy would be releasing an integration with Hootsuite, the social media management platform. This integration will create a feed of those tweets you see in the Sales Prodigy app in your Hootsuite account. Look for the app to be released before the end of August 2015.

Greg and Martin understand how important social listening is for social selling. This episode should help you understand the value you can pull out of Twitter with an app like Sales Prodigy. It’s a great app for both inside sales teams and outside sales pros.

Audio Run-time: 49:17

The Linking into Sales Social Selling Podcast is a professional development podcast geared towards sales and marketing professionals that use social media tools and networks to support the sales process and help them become more proficient in social selling.

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