How do I remove someone from LinkedIn?

Often, once sales professionals see the true value of LinkedIn one of the questions they ask is: “How do I remove a connection from my network on LinkedIn?” They may have connected with someone they should not have or someone that they no longer have a professional relationship with. There are also those out there that […]

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5 Ways Sales Professionals Leave Money on the Table by Not Using Linkedin

For years I have been coaching sales professionals, discovering that they used to pay for similar information with less quality than the data that Linkedin is providing now at the free level. More importantly, all sales professionals that I have personally coached have gained clear value and closed more sales when they began using Linkedin correctly. However, I realize that there are many sales executives who are obviously not using Linkedin effectively, i.e., potentially leaving money on the table.


Using LinkedIn for Sales - Part 2

I have been coaching high-quota Sales Professionals for many years and believe LinkedIn is one of the most important free sales tools available today.


Using LinkedIn for Sales - Part 1

Last week I convinced my friend Bob of the value of using LinkedIn for sales. It happened right after I saw him having lunch with John, another friend of mine.


A Unique Gift for Someone of Value in Your Past or Present - A LinkedIn Recommendation

Consider giving a gift for someone in your life that has made a difference in your life. Someone you currently know, have done business with, or just worked with. Someone maybe from 20 years ago that you admired, that stood out as exceptional in some way in your presence. Give them a gift that 50 million people can see.


If you are going to use LinkedIn for Job Hunting

Someone I knew asked me to allow someone I didn’t know to “get introduced” through me on LinkedIn. I was pleased to help, but when I looked at the job hunter’s profile it looked like they had spent no time on it, or maybe did not know the importance of a full profile.