Marketing Beyond the LinkedIn Company Page

Greg Hyer and Martin Brossman respond to a question from Linking into Sales LinkedIn group member, Rick Mueller about targeting businesses in his geographic territory on LinkedIn.

Rick asked:

“What’s a good content marketing strategy for zeroing in on my specific territory when you work for a global organization? The “company page” is ineffective and too broad, therefore it’s time to implement a solo approach. Where would you start? Is content curation an effective approach to providing value within a market?”

Greg responded in the group with:

“Great question! LinkedIn is working to improve the experience with the company page. One feature that your company should be using is assigning sales persons to each of the products listed.

Since having your name associated with your company’s products probably isn’t going to “wow” you, I would work on a couple approaches. The first would be including rich media content in your profile, like SlideShare presentations, video, images, etc. LinkedIn is rolling out this feature. Take a look at my profile and scroll down to my “Experience” section to see what I am referring too. You should see slides and video.

The other feature I would look at is self-advertising on LinkedIn. LinkedIn has limited ad-display inventory so it works best when you are very targeted. Since you are geographically based you should create ads that target LinkedIn members in that area. You can narrow it down further with additional fields.”

Listen to this episode and get more insight as we look to inspire sales people with geographic based territories to get the Marketing department to help them out on LinkedIn with some targeted advertising.

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Run Time: 11:25

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