The Evolution of Social Selling with Koka Sexton - Ep 110

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Koka Sexton is a US Army Veteran who last served in Iraq in 2004. He was previously the head of Global Social Media for LinkedIn’s Enterprise Sales division where he lead LinkedIn’s content and social media marketing strategy and helped evangelize social selling. Koka is now at Hootsuite where he continues to lead the transformation of organizations by helping them adopt social selling.

Key take away: “Visibility leads to opportunity.” - Koka Sexton

Topics Discussed:

  • How do you define Social Selling and how do you see it has evolved?
  • What techniques are getting the best results in Social Selling today?
  • If their was future competition for LinkedIn do you see anything on the horizon?
  • What do you see are still the biggest mistakes or misunderstanding of Social Selling today?
  • Give us an example of an individual sales person or a company you’ve seen do social selling extremely well. What’s your best example/ story and what did they do right?
  • What has surprised you the most with the evolution of social selling over the years?
  • How will AI assistants and chatbots impact social selling over the next few years?

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Audio Run-time: 1:00:15

The Social Selling Podcast by Linking into Sales is a professional development podcast geared towards sales and marketing professionals that use social media tools and networks to support sales and buying cycles and help them become more proficient in social selling.



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