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Listen to the Linking into Sales Podcast and discover Social Selling

Since 2009, we have been bringing you the insights on how to use social to support the sales cycle.

Episode 51 – Creating a Social Selling Routine: Part 2

Discover Steps 3-5 of Sales for Life’s 12-Steps to Creating a Social Selling Routine Greg Hyer brings back Kevin Thomas Tully of Sales for Life to continue their discussion about creating a social selling routine. Kevin stresses that the Social […]

Episode 50 – Three Steps to Get the Sale

Part 2 of the Lease a Sales Rep Interview with Gil Pagan Greg Hyer brings back Gil Pagan of Lease a Sales Rep to discuss the three steps you need to take to get the sale. Step 1 The exploratory […]

Episode 49 – The Lease a Sales Rep with Gil Pagan Interview

3 Proven Strategies to Get More Appointments with Prospects. Greg Hyer talks with Gil Pagan of Lease a Sales Rep. Listen and understand what it is like to work with an end-to-end sales outsourcing and telemarketing firm. Hear how Lease […]
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