About Linking into Sales

At Linking into Sales, we feel that social selling is about opening, not closing. When Greg Hyer and Martin Brossman met in 2009, they discovered they shared the vision of helping sales professionals understand social selling.

The traditional sales approach of cold calling is becoming more and more obsolete. Social selling has developed because the buyer’s behavior has changed. More and more buyers are choosing to self educate using online tools and social media platforms. Today’s top sales professionals have adopted social selling because it helps them discover these prospects and help them navigate the buyer’s journey.

Linking into Sales, founded in 2009 by Martin Brossman and Greg Hyer, helps business-to-business sales professionals develop their social selling skills through online and classroom training, workshops and 1-on-1 coaching. In addition, they work with sales and marketing organizations to develop social selling training programs customized to the needs and goals of the organization. Martin and Greg co-host the number one social selling podcast, “The Linking into Sales Social Selling Podcast,” which can be found on iTunes, Stitcher, Tunein, Player.FM and YouTube.

Meet the Trainers

Martin Brossman

Social Selling Trainer and Co-Host

Martin Brossman has been offering Sales Coaching and Training since he left IBM in 1995 with a focus that integrates web resources to enhance trust and support the Sales Cycle. He was one of the founding RTP members of the Unites Professional Sales Association (UPSA) and of five international certified and registered sales professional trainers. In August 24, 2009 – The American Society for Training & Development (ASTD), the world’s largest professional association dedicated to the training and development field, announced that it has formally acquired the United Professional Sales Association (UPSA). Martin has a deep passion to support ethical sales professional exceed their goals and keep their competitive edge. Since 2006 Martin has been offering LinkedIn training, Social Media for Business and web reputation enhancement skills. He lives in Raleigh, NC, with his wife Barbara, offering training throughout the state for the Small Business Centers of community colleges. Read more about Martin.

Greg Hyer

Social Selling Trainer and Co-Host

Greg Hyer is the co-owner of Linking into Sales. His experience in sales and digital marketing in the retail, ecommerce and software-as-a-service (SaaS) industries has led him to discover his passion for social selling. The rapid adoption of social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+, Greg saw the opportunity for sales professionals stand out among their peers and to create deeper, smarter relationships with prospects and customers. By combining selling skills with digital marketing strategy and techniques, a sales professional can become a trusted advisor that helps the buyer navigate the buyer’s journey and enables them to make a buying decision. Read more about Greg
Press Releases
Linking into Sales Updates “Social Selling with LinkedIn” Course at NC State University Technology Training Solutions

Linking into Sales Updates “Social Selling with LinkedIn” Course at NC State University Technology Training Solutions

Six-Hour Social Selling Course Teaches B2B Sales Professionals how to use LinkedIn and more. Social selling experts Greg Hyer and Martin Brossman of Linking Into Sales have updated their “Social Selling with LinkedIn” classroom training offered at NC State University […]

Linking into Sales Launches Social Selling Training Breakfast Meetings

Jan. 6, 2015 – RALEIGH, N.C. — Linking Into Sales, a social selling training organization founded by Greg Hyer and Martin Brossman, is launching a monthly breakfast meeting for business to business sales and marketing professionals beginning January 27, 2015 […]