Three Steps to Get the Sale – Ep. 050

Part 2 of the Lease a Sales Rep Interview with Gil Pagan

Greg Hyer brings back Gil Pagan of Lease a Sales Rep to discuss the three steps you need to take to get the sale.

Step 1 The exploratory call/meeting find out their needs

  • Go over their pain (tell me what’s going on – open ended questions)
  • Say that there may not be a fit here, but we will determine that together
  • Discuss your solutions/service offering
  • Discuss you pricing, if applicable (don’t negotiate on price)
  • Discuss your contract terms if applicable
  • Help me to understand the decision making process internally
  • Your timeline after I send you a quote what happens next? get a date for follow-up after quote is done. hound them approval

Step 2 Send quote

  • Send them a quote follow-up.
  • Follow-up, get commitment on the quote when connected get decision, or next steps if they want a contract to review or references-get commitment 1st. usually a blow-off.

Step 3 Follow-through and P.U.S.H. (Persist Until Something Happens)

  • Follow-up, with email. We agreed to re-connect after x date?
  • Follow steps again
  • If they delay, analyze  ( $$$, other vendors, unsure) then decide to kick them out of your funnel for now drip em.

Bonus: Send the “Did you fall of the face of the earth” email.

Include the following questions:

  1. Have your priorities have changed?
  2. Is money is the issue?
  3. Did I do something wrong?
  4. Is it something else?

Run-time: 27:12

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